My sister and brother-in-law (Suanne and Rusty Elliott) opened the first Blue Star Storage in Dallas TX for The Dallas Cowboys back in 1996. The location had both Regular Storage and Climate Controlled with a total of 600 units. At that time most storage facilities around here were all on (1) level as this one was.

My husband Tommy and I moved here in 2002 from Arkansas to open a new facility for the Dallas Cowboys in Carrollton TX, which is part of the Dallas Metroplex. We worked as a team together with him mostly outside and I worked the office area. We have always worked very smoothly together. There was a total of 550 units at that location both regular and climate controlled. We were there for 5 ½ years.

Blue Star Storage here at 1140 E. Prosper Trail in Prosper TX is in the northern part of the Dallas Metroplex, just north of Frisco. We have 328 regular drive up units and 225 climate controlled with a total of 553. We live on the property in a very nice 3 bedroom and 2 ½ bath apartment. Prosper is a really growing area, for example, the 2010 census was 9,423 and the 2019 census was 28,039. I can tell you it is much more than that now. The customers we normally have are building new houses, with a lot of them coming from California. There have been many large corporations who were based in California that have relocated their corporations to Frisco which is so close to Prosper. We also can’t forget THE STAR which is, The Dallas Cowboys Corporate Office location and practice facility. The average home sells for between $350-500 thousand.

It is unique to be owned by The Dallas Cowboys. It can be a great selling point to customers who are diehard Cowboy Fans. Others may rent because they know the fact that this is a great corporation who takes care of their businesses and properties. Customers come in sometimes and ask how we can get away with using The Cowboys Star Logo? And I tell them, because we are THE DALLAS COWBOYS! Which they will say, well that explains it.

Blue Star Storage is a wonderful place to work. Where it is going, I’m not for sure, but if more are built in different location, customers should not hesitate to store their belongings with a Blue Star Storage Location!! It has come a long way from the beginning back in 1996 and we all look forward to many more years with THE Dallas Cowboys!!!

Janette Hilyard